McDonald's Playworld Community Development, Inc.
Where Social Responsibility Begins and Our Hearts for the Lost!!!
Afterschool Program Enhancing Music and Arts & Summer Camp

Open to all children of the neighborhood is our afterschool program. We want nothing more but to encourage our young generation and inspire them to reach their potentials. We guide them in singing, dancing, playing instruments, and more.


Daycare Services for 
Low-Income Parents and Teens 

These services are designed to aid low-income parents, pregnant teenagers or teenage parents. Students may complete course work leading to a high school diploma while enrolled in the program or may re-enter their regular school program at any time. The rates for these services will be low and reasonable depending upon these factors. Look at that!

Tutoring & Migrant Education and Training (ESOL and GED) in the subjects of reading, writing, and comprehension for Haitian children in Haiti

The children are our future, no matter what nationality. We go through great lengths to give a child the education they need. Extra tutoring is always available.