McDonalds Playworld Community Development, Inc.
Where Social Responsibility Begins and Our Hearts for the Lost!!!
Free Pregnancy Tests & Pregnancy Prevention Program

Not sure if you're pregnant? Don't worry, we offer free pregnancy tests to all. We also have a pregnancy prevention program which provides plenty of information about pregnancy, abstinence, and more.
Parenting/Family Enrichment Classes

Happiness begins at home, so bring your family closer! Our parenting classes nurture the relationships between father and child, as well as maternal-infant improvement. Our family enrichment program also helps children who have disciplinary problems and low academic performance.

Pregnancy Support

We provide nondiscrimatory (based upon age,
 race, religion, ethincity, or geographic origin), free-of-charge services that include information and counseling that solely 
promotes and encourages childbirth and assists pregnant women in their decision regarding adoption or parenting.